London Calling

‘London, yeah London. Fish, chips, cups o tea, bad food worse weather, mary fucking poppins, London’.

I used to live in London many years ago. The lure and nostalgia I get when thinking about it always make me love it.So when I got an opportunity to go there for a holiday in the summer I obviously said yes. As you do.

It wasn’t going to be all holiday though, I would have shoots to do right up to the evening that I would be leaving, and editing to be done while I was there and stock photography to do while there also. But hey that can all wait! When going to London there are so many things to see and do and to catch up on from when I was living there, old friends to see, new places, places I never had the chance to go to. I challenge you to be bored in London, its just not possible.

People, there are so many people. So with that in mind and armed with my camera I decide to do a little bit of street photography. I also wanted to photograph the old versus new in the city. The history stares you in the face all the time, its all around you, everywhere. In fact it hits you like a bus sometimes, one of those old double decker one’s, if you dare think that the city is only modern. When you go to Great Britain, you go there to marvel at history. Nuff said. But with the advance of technology and architecture some people just want to forget about the history beneath their feet, and I wanted to show in my photography that you can have both, especially in london.


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