A classic race

I met this guy that mentioned he races classic cars. I have always loved cars and a great way to be involved with something like this would be doing a small photo story on it.

So I got his details and started mailing him about the times and details and he happily obliged with all the info I needed. And so thats how I found myself on a very, very cold winters morning at Kyalami racetrack, in the pits in amongst all the really cool classic cars being prepped for racing.

It was early and the sun was just coming up over the horizon, the light in winter is just so beautiful especially on a cold clear morning. As soon as I walked into the pit area I knew this was going to be worth it.

There were so many cars there, I couldn’t believe how large this was. There were hundreds of people there buzzing about getting the cars ready before the race, and the spectators had not even started arriving yet.

I could only spend a few hours there but got some really nice pictures to add to my portfolio, and I had a really nice time shooting this. There is another one coming up at Zwartkops raceway and im going to be there, to add to this story.

If you like cars, then you should get down to watch the racing, the pits are open to all spectators and you too can get up close and see everything in action. Its a wonderful day out!

One of my all time favourite cars, a nice old school bmw 3 series.

Got that blue steel look before the warm ups happen.

Some repairs are needed to be done pretty quickly so that the car can get back in the race.

Preparation is everything here, the race is only a short part of the day for these guys.

It was freezing that morning.

Last minute work happening, these engines are pushed pretty hard.

The spectators are keen too.

That early morning light is the best!


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