A classic race 2

Following up from my previous blog a classic race, it dawned on me that this is going to be an ongoing project over many many months, that is going to offer many different photographic opportunities.

So keeping in line with telling this story be sure to read that blog post first. Anyway now I digress from the story at hand.

Let me just say that these guys start early, and I mean very early. This is not a bad thing though, besides having to drag your self out of bed, when it is a very busy time of year so every minute of sleep is needed. Like I said, the early start is great because in summer the harsh light, which never makes for great photos, is really harsh by 9am. This is what it’s about though, the early start and everyone checking their cars, prepping themselves mentally for racing and having a chin wag with your fellow racing drivers. No fluff, no bullshit, just great racing and an excellent day at the track.

You see historic racing seems to offer the drivers a no holds barred, push your limits, day of racing. Something that these guys are all passionate about. Safety is always on top of mind, but this is where you can really see a battle between drivers, the phsycological battle that plays out at every corner. The crowd love it.

It is a brilliant day out for everyone involved, you can get to parts of the track that you would normally not be allowed for supreme viewing, you can braai and picnic and have a fun day out at the track, which is sometimes sorely missed in todays modern day of racing.

You can view the race calendar on www.historicracing.co.za and get to the track to support this fantastic sport.


Preparations start early up in the tower. He wasn’t looking very happy.

Racing starts to get underway.Everything has to be discussed and sorted out before the race begins.You can feel the nerves.

This takes some serious commitment and manpower.Looks fast.

I know right. Old school.

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